Import Export business

More than 150,000 tires are exported overseas each year.
We import and export a variety of products according to orders.

Our current main commodity is used tires colleted in Japan. We export not only used tires but also other automobile related parts which are heavily demanded in fast developing countries. We export used tires and used automobile parts to 20 countries, including Malaysia, Bolivia, Myanmar, Paraguay, China, Korea, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Georgia.

Tires and alloy wheels import and export

We export used tires and used alloy wheels, and we import new tires and new alloy wheels to meet the needs of our customers.

Importing and Exporting used cars

We are mainly exporting popular Japanese car models. We also import overseas car models depending on orders.

Automobile parts import agency

We import on your behalf genuine parts for overseas models, such as lights and bumpers, as well as parts for customization, as requested.

Import agency

From apparel and variety of daily necessities such as sundries,and PCR Test Kit, we can arrange exports and imports according to your order.


If you have any inquiries or questions,
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