Reuse business

We dedicate ourselves for the benifit of our end-users and we emphasize quality above all else.

Our used tire export business does not end when we purchase used tires in Japan and export them overseas. We are only successful when local end-users are satisfied with the tires they purchase. Since our establishment, we have been striving to ensure quality by conducting strict inspections by mature inspectors to ensure customer satisfaction.

Waste tire collection and transportation business

Based on the Industrial Waste Collection Transportation License, We collect used and waste tire. We deliver them to intermediate processing companies.

Reuse of used tires

Checking the quality of each tires, depending on the conditions of the tires, we recycle it, and sell the tires. We are engaged in reuse and recycling.

Exporting used tires

We export used tires to about 20 countries overseas, mainly in Southeast Asian, African, and American countries.

Exporting plastics for recycle purposes

We collect used plastices and plastic bottles in domestic market, and export them where they are in need. We are building bridges between countries for plastic recycling.


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