Sales service business

We are developing our stores from various angles as our domestic business.

We operate tire shops and motorcycle shops in domestic market in Japan. Specializing in tire sales, Tire Shop Shibata offers variety of new and used tire and wheels.

We can handle not only passenger tires, but also dump and truck tires at our shop. We maintain tire shops and motorcycle shops. We are also selling tires, motorcycles, and used cars over the Internet

Tire shop

Our tire shop, "Tire Shop Shibata", is a community-based new and used tire dealer where we offer good quality tires and survices.

Used car selling

We sell our products on our used car information website as well as directly within Tire Shop Shibata.

Motorcycle shop

We are the only one authorized dealer of "Royal Enfield" and "MUTT MOTORCYCLES" in Niigata area. We sell Royal Enfield motorcycles and MUTT MOTORCYCLES at our motorcycle shop, "Moto Classic".


We selll tires and motorcycles thrugh major internet shopping sites.


Direct sales by salespeople stationed at the logistics center and wholeselling from our logistics center is also available.


If you have any inquiries or questions,
Please feel free to contact us.